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Thanks for visiting my campaign website and taking the time to research my views about the critical issues facing the City of Morro Bay this election year. Please feel free to contact me about anything you read on these pages.

I welcome your questions and comments and you can reach me by phone or email. Also, feel free to stop me on the street and strike up a conversation! 805-550-6595 : jirons@charter.net

As your Mayor for the past two years, I’ve led with integrity, commitment and patience. Under my leadership, this Council has had many accomplishments since we took office in December 2012 and I will outline those accomplishments on this site.

Yet, the accomplishment that I am most proud of is changing the culture of our City to create a more open City government for ALL the citizens for Morro Bay.

I believe a more open city government for ALL citizens means:

1. City government is more responsive to ALL the citizens than it was two years ago.
2. The City government is more proactive than it was two years ago.

Here are examples for both statements.

1. A City Government That Is Responsive to You

Under my leadership as Mayor, both Council and City Staff respect the Brown Act in spirit as well as by the letter of the law.  Decisions about important, sensitive issues like business leases and personnel status were discussed publicly to the extent allowed by law and consistent with the rights of the affected parties. A transparent, open government is your right, not an option.

I led the Council and staff to take specific steps toward a more open government:

• We opened Embarcadero lease negotiations to greater public input, creating confidence and trust that the city is looking after the public interest.
• We asked citizens to participate in a goal-setting process in March 2013, and out of that process we have 10 goals that are directing our initiatives with your input.
• We provided opportunities for public comment at every stage of the process for selecting a new Wastewater Treatment Plant site.
• We modified City Council procedure to take public comment on EACH agenda item so your input has more impact.
• We took citizen testimony at the Street Summit and, because of it, we modified the Pavement Management Plan to put more resources into North Morro Bay.

2. A Proactive City Government That Works for You

Over the years, our streets in many neighborhoods have been allowed to fall apart.  This year, we started to turn that around, I listened to your input and as a result our Pavement Management Plan has reprioritizes street paving for all neighborhoods including North Morro Bay, but there’s much more work to do. The streets are just one example of how strong responsive leadership makes a difference.

Here are other things we’ve done, under my leadership, to stop the slide:

• We quit spending money on lobbyists to battle the Coastal Commission and got on with finding a new site for the Wastewater Treatment Plant.
• We will finally begin updating our 26-year-old General Plan—the blueprint for our future—using a $250,000 grant we were awarded.
• We will start the work that needs to be done to secure and diversify our water supply – status quo with State Water won’t cut it.
• We increased City support for tourism, but our next step is to revitalize economic development for the entire business community.

The City is on the Right Track

We have a lot of big issues on our plate, but we are making strong progress in solving them. We have constructed a sound foundation for future success – now we need to build on that foundation to accomplish our shared goals.

I value your input. I ask for your support. Please vote to re-elect me on June 3.

Let’s Keep It Going!


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