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Thanks for visiting my campaign website and taking the time to research my views about the critical issues facing the City of Morro Bay this election year.  I will update this website throughout the election, which is almost ready to officially start!

Please feel free to contact me about anything you read on these pages.  I welcome your questions and comments and you can reach me by phone or email. Also, feel free to stop me on the street and strike up a conversation! 805-550-6595 : jirons@charter.net

As your Mayor for the past four years, I’ve led with integrity, commitment and patience. Under my leadership, this Council has had many accomplishments since we took office in December 2012 and I will outline those accomplishments on this site.

I officially filed papers last week.  Here is my candidate statement:


JAMIE IRONS                                                Age: 56

Occupation: Mayor / Property Manager

As a 24-year resident of Morro Bay, I’m proud to have served as your Mayor for the last four years. I’ve led with integrity, commitment and patience. I ran and was elected on clear goals and I have accomplished or made significant progress on them.

My track record shows a commitment to improving the local economy, addressing long-term infrastructure maintenance needs, enhancing our quality of life, and preserving our unique natural environment.

I continue to advocate for, and listen to, public input on all city matters, including the new Water Reclamation Facility, updating the General Plan and strategizing for our long-term financial health. I worked to secure funding for harbor dredging and completion of the bike-pedestrian bridge and prioritized cyclical street paving and sidewalk maintenance.

Looking forward, we are poised to complete our General Plan Update, address our water supply needs, and enhance our infrastructure. I want this positive momentum to continue with respectful dialogue. Morro Bay can realize its full potential.

I would be honored to have your vote. Please vote Jamie Irons for Mayor, November 8, 2016.




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